Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enjoying the last days of the Olympics.

(enjoying an nice mellow sesh with my friend Sarah Daitch at the Lulu pad.)

Yoga is on the podium for best medicine. It was edged out by laughter and, well... medicine.

Juuuuuust kidding. Although I do really find the yoga makes me feel really good physically and mentally as it balances out all the striving with some chilling.

Chilling is not exactly what I'm up to... I rest a lot more when prepping for a race and today I did my last race of these games and now plan to get out and enjoy the scene a bit more. It was tough because even though I had great skis, a good start position and tremendous desire to push and fight, my race shape is several levels below what I need to perform my best. The kind and dedicated wax staff that I appreciate so much told me to consider today the first training day for Oslo World Champs skate sprint which will be this time next year. It was hard to get to these games, I did it, and now it's time to cheer on my teammates in their 30 and 50 kilometer races and enjoy Whistler and Vancouver.

Looking ahead I'll be at the Canadian Championships in Whitehorse March 14-20 and will then be working with Devon on getting our plan together to rock Russia 2014.

Thanks again to everyone for all the encouragement!


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